We will do this for you:

Are you planning

-       Innovation, change management or other complex processes where it is crucial to visualize whether you and your colleagues are/ everybody is on the same page, striving for the same objectives?

-       Meetings and workshops where it is critical to create value through the involvement of the participants and where the atmosphere of the meeting is important?

-       Trainings that lead to behavioural change and where you need the participants to be motivated and to remember what they have learned?

Brain2Business supports companies, universities and organizations in achieving more impact, value and engagement from their processes, workshops, and trainings.

We help finding common goals and core motivation of participants, support overview by visualizing goals and strategies, and maximize understanding, effect and value for you.

Contact us for:

  • Facilitation of value-creating and result-oriented meetings and workshops
  • Graphic facilitation and graphic recording  during meetings and workshops
  • Visualization of complex processes, visions and strategies in co-creation processes
  • "Train the Trainer" courses and courses in graphic visualization tailor-made to your needs.